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Returning Voices


Artists and writers let lost voices speak.

What would the voices from our pasts say if they had one more chance to speak? Inspired by Denise Riley’s collection of poems Say Something Back, artwrite invited artists and writers to go on a personal quest to seek out their lost voices, to find a story for them and to let them speak.

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Elsa Braekkan Payne


Poems of home as exile 


Erin Conel


Understanding a grandmother

through her photographs 


Elaine Fisher & Lucy Gresley


Conversations in the Lady Garden


Nick Holmes


How does childhood shape our future?


Annette Pugh

A conversation with paint, photography,

and portrait.


Harriet Carter

A shared visual birdsong encounter

at Snape Maltings.


Philip Monks

What do you do when your son hits you?


Deborah Catesby


The path that keeps pace with the sea.


Graham Chorlton


A dialogue in rooms.

Returning Voices cover image copyright: Annette Pugh, 2021

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