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The writers responded to an exhibition of unframed drawings and sketches which was shown at The Chapel Gallery, Bromyard in April, 2019.

Their short experimental pieces of original creative writing were performed at

The Chapel Gallery, Bromyard

2 Forbury Chase, Sherford Street, Bromyard, HR7 4DL

Saturday 25th May 2019

sea wall.JPG

unframed writings

The writers' brief

An exhibition of unframed drawings and sketches is a rare opportunity to see artists at their most experimental and vulnerable.  It is concerned with the provisional and experimental aspects of visual art. Whatever the final medium by which an artist may be known, perhaps as a painter or a sculptor, often their ideas will begin on paper with drawings and sketches. Sometimes the drawing may be the end in itself but as often as not it is the raw beginnings of a process.  Such an exhibition  is a chance to see their inner thoughts and gain an insight into their working practices.

The proposition for the writers is to be inspired by the work of these artists and to write something, provisional and experimental for themselves. These short works, whether poetry, prose or drama will be presented to a live audience at The Chapel Gallery, Bromyard where the exhibition took place. 


These original pieces of creative writing inspired by artists may represent new beginnings, part of a process or an end in itself.

Sea Wall, oil pastel on paper by Deb Catesby

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