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Jude Warr-Arnold


Perpetually on the move and forever learning, I am fascinated by what it means and meant to be human, to have consciousness, in whatever time, place or culture.By dinosaurs, watching things grow, discovering new words. And that such things as sparkle-muffin dancing spiders exist. And I have never believed that the reflection I see in mirrors or photographs has anything whatsoever to do with me.

My first career wove in and out of the English educational system, my second was tutoring and house-mothering international undergraduates.  Now, in my third, I write short stories for adults, but more for younger readers, where my words might have their maximum impact; for those who need to escape or decide on their stances, who want to explore their own thinking and other worlds and ways of being. I am in the process of sending out my first novel, the introduction to a neolithic survival trilogy, and researching a comic-book version of my own family history.

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