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About art\write

Based in the West Midlands, art\write brings creative writers together to:


  • engage an audience in the crossover between writing and art

  • respond to the visual, sensual world of art

  • be inspired by the work of writers, artists and makers

  • make play with words 

  • experiment in prose, poetry and drama

  • give voice to our words in performance

  • explore individual work through collaboration

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The writers

In our community of writers we include those with considerable professional experience who have had work performed and published and those in the early stages of their career.

To find out more about the writers who have worked with us click here

Associated artists

We have worked with and been inspired by a number of artists.

To find out more click here

Contact us

You can contact us at

We have been writing, performing and making links with visual art since 2015

To find out more about our past projects click here

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