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Conversations in the Lady Garden

© Elaine Fisher and Lucy Gresley, 2021

Elaine Fisher and Lucy Gresley, Conversations in the Lady Garden, 2021.

Collage on paper (71 x 41 cm) - issued as a first edition of 40 interconnecting postcards (6 x 4 inches each)

‘Conversations in the Lady Garden’ is inspired by two of the many women who surfaced in our instagram exchanges during February and March 2021 and draws directly from 12 of the collages published on @ekplisso during that time.  


This first edition of ‘Conversations in the Lady Garden’ will be issued as a collective gift.  Simply follow @ekplisso on instagram and send us a direct message including your email address and the words ‘Lady Garden’ and we will contact you to arrange delivery of one postcard-panel of the mural, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

If you are on a phone this is best viewed in landscape

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