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Strange Apprentice

T.J Clarke, Pissarro, Cezanne – and me

words selected and read by Deb Catesby

‘Cezanne was sitting on the grass, watching him.’

I spent the early morning of October 7th with critic T.J.Clarke* as he dissected the relationship between two great artists.

As a painter in the 21st Century, that dissection struck me as being worth trying to understand.

The words I use belong either to Clarke, Pissarro or Cezanne.

* T.J.Clarke, Strange Apprentice, London Review of Books, October 2020

First painting: Paysage à Pontoise by Pissarro,1872

Second painting: Maison et arbre, quartier de l’Hermitage by Cezanne, 1874

If you are on a phone this is best viewed in landscape

© Deb Catesby, 2020

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